House of Content, the Arabic translation powerhouse and leader of Arabic-content development in the GCC region, was originally established in 2013 as AL Arabic. Actively contributing to the global development of the Arabic-content sector and to the modernization of Arabic translation and localization practices, AL Arabic is credited as the first entity to clearly define Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). To date, it is also the sole company to have drafted a structured MSA framework and language register warehousing all uses of modern Arabic per each media channel and platform.

While just five years young, the company has been entrusted to provide premium and innovative services for hundreds of clients across the GCC region—with a portfolio of clientele including governmental bodies, PR agencies and major brands. Over 60 million words have been translated between Arabic and English since its foundation, which includes the generation of more than 100,000 press releases and tens-of-thousands of digital content elements.

To more accurately reflect the company’s expansion from an editorial and MSA Arabic-content provider to an all-inclusive global-content provider, Dubai’s translation powerhouse rebranded itself in January 2019 as House of Content. House of Content now provides visual, audio and digital content in addition to its tried-and-true editorial capacities. Through its innovation arm, AndroMedia, the company now also offers cutting-edge tools for media monitoring, social media monitoring, coverage reports, and media relations.

With the launch of the new brand, House of Content aims to strengthen its position as the go-to company for PR agencies and marketing departments seeking comprehensive content services that range from drafting press releases to Arabic localization, digital content creation, social media content creation, content management, CMS development, and CMS management. Additional services include visual content creation—to encompass video production, animation, and infographics alongside eBook publishing, and audio content creation and management. Video services also include voice-over, dubbing, subtitling, and publishing.


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